About Us


Since 1978, Pro Maintenance has been finding ideal flooring solutions and improving the work environment for countless industrial and commercial businesses all over the upper Midwest. While most of our work is based on installing industrial floor coatings over concrete, we also offer residential flooring solutions that prolong floor life and give concrete floors a better look and feel.

With over one hundred years combined experience, our knowledgeable sales staff will work with you every step of the way to find an ideal solution for your specific floor needs.

Custom Flooring Solutions Customized for your Needs:

  • Overall durability – traffic levels, products, environment
  • Inventory storage regulations
  • Traffic load requirements
  • Match solutions to required needs to each of your facility’s specific areas
  • Cosmetic needs of facility or home
  • Variety of flooring products, application methods, and support

Pro Maintenance is a reputable installer of high performance, high strength coating and resurface applications and works directly with leading manufacturers including Tennant, Dur-A-Flex and Protective Industrial Polymers. Pro Maintenance specializes in a variety of floor coatings including stained and polished concrete, epoxy floors, urethane floors, resurface floors, electrostatic dissipative floors and antimicrobial floors.

We proudly serve commercial, industrial and residential customers in Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota and Nebraska.

For a complete, up-to-date analysis of your floor coating or floor restoration needs, contact us today. Our sales staff will provide you with a comprehensive recommendation and no obligation estimate based on the performance and cosmetic needs of your facility utilizing the best flooring products and application methods available today.