Flooring Systems

Pro Maintenance provides custom flooring for all facets of the industrial and commercial industries.  While most of our larger clients come from the food sector of the industry, we are able to accommodate almost any type of environment. Some of the commercial flooring systems can also be used on residential surfaces as well.



Commercial and industrial flooring takes a lot of abuse. Flooring in factories and warehouses are subjected daily to heavy loads, hard wheel traffic, abrasive wear, impacts and possibly aggressive chemical agents. Properly coating the floor surfaces before too much damage has occurred prolongs the life of the floors in your plant, warehouse or office complex. Professionally coated floors are durable and can help to maintain and increase the operational efficiency.  The aesthetic appeal of coated flooring can improve the overall work environment, as well as help create make a positive lasting impression on visiting customers.

Pro Maintenance works closely with trusted suppliers to offer the most effective flooring solutions for all commercial and industrial applications. From airport hangers to medical facilities, we have a flooring system that will be ideal for your floor.



Most homes have uncoated concrete in rooms such as the basement, garage, or utility room. Although this option is the most cost effective, over time the concrete may break down or crack, and affect the aesthetics of the room. Pro Maintenance floor systems allow homeowners to increase the visual appeal, as well as having a more desired feel. Most importantly, a new flooring system by Pro Maintenance will prolong the life of the concrete floors.

Pro Maintenance offers both basic and decorative coating with several options that will appeal to any homeowner. All of Pro Maintenance flooring solutions provide highly durable floors that can withstand harsh Midwest conditions. The floor coatings are also easy to clean and will require minimal homeowner maintenance.